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Default FT/FS Wilson nCode 6.1 95

I have a Wilson nCode nSix-One 95 18x20 racket that is almost brand new except with two spots with chipped paint. I only used it once (and dropped it, thus the chipped paint). Aside from the chipped paint, there is really no damage, even on the bumper guard, and so I would say it is about 9.3/10 condition (9.9 w/o chips). The racket has a 4-3/8" grip and a new overgrip. I think it may be the Asian version, but I really don't know. I can send pix upon request.
I am preferably looking to trade it for an nCode 95 with 16x18 string pattern in similar or at least 9/10 condition. I am also willing to sell it for $110 +shipping.
Email me at with questions or offer.
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