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I'll try to describe the exercises the best I can.

The most important part in all the exercises below is to 'set your scapula' before every exercise and every rep. This, unfortunately, is actually the hardest part to master because it's pretty much foreign to those of us that have hunched our shoulders forward all these years. It consists of forcing your shoulders/shoulderblades downward almost as far as you can *and* forcing your shoulderblades together 90% of the way. 100% of the way will feel unnatural but a slight release from that will be the ticket. And, all of these exercises should be done with good posture and a firm core.

Seated Rowing
- Sitting on an exercise ball, face a wall where tubing has been affixed at shoulder level. Bring arm out to 90 degrees in front of body and hold tubing with palms down. Pull arms back, squeezing shoulder blades together - but keep arms straight throughout the exercise. Slowly return to starting position.

Prone Extension
- Lie on exercise ball, face down, with a 2lb weight in the hand of the involved arm. Raise arm straight back until even with your body, then lower slowly. (Explaining these w/o pics is tough)

Internal Rotation at 0 degrees - Abduction
- Standing with elbow at side fixed at 90degrees and shoulder rotated out. Grip tubing handle while other end of tubing is fixed. Pull arm until perpendicular to body keeping elbow at side. Return to starting position slowly and controlled.

External Rotation at 0 degrees - Abduction
- Stand with involved elbow fixed at side, elbow at 90degrees. I do isometric holds here where I keep my elbow/arm fixed at the side of my body/90degrees and pivot my entire body to put strain on the lower shoulder muscles (instead of actually reaching across my body and using the arm itself to pull the tubing taut).

I'm hoping you'll be able to google on some of these terms and figure out what will work for you. I also do a Prone Horizontal Abduction exercise and a stretch called 'Sleeper in 90deg of forward flexion'.

You asked!
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