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I should have been working with the local pro at my club to prepare for my tournament, but I've been so busy with school tennis lately. It gets old, but I have commitments...

I've gotten myself into another predicament. Go figure. Haha. I'm going to take the day before a tournament off, because I'm starting to get another blister on my right palm.

But anyway, I think I'm heading back toward good old synthetics from my polyester hybrids. I have more feel with the synthetics and they're completely wallet and stringer friendly. Once I buy some more racquets, I can use 18 gauge if I want .

I can never stick with the same thing for too long. I don't know why. After the season I'm going to demo some new racquets...

And did you notice during the PLO that a lot of the line judges and officials were wearing the Trances? They must've read your review
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