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Originally Posted by tnkGod4tns View Post
tennis?? I have been lifting weights for about 20 years now, just can't get a good schedule of weight training and tennis. I know I don't want to play tennis after lifting. How do you guys schedule your tennis and weights without feeling sluggish on the court. I usually lift 3 times a week and split the muscle groups (chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulder and legs). Thinking about condensing the lifting to 2 times a week so I can have recovery time for tennis. Thanks.
Maybe your push/push, pull/pull routine is wearing you out. I tried that routine many years ago and it exhausted me so I do the opposite now. I can do chest and biceps or back and triceps because if I did chest and triceps on the same day, I wouldn't want to play tennis either. My triceps would be drained and the same would go for my biceps if I trained them along with back. If you believe that keeping the blood flow in the same area is the best thing for optimum growth, you'd be guilty of overworking that area which would hinder growth, not help it. Try the opposite bodypart workout. It'll save your muscles from exhaustion.
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