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Members list:

1. Djokovicfan4life: Founder of the Fischer Faction
2. astra: A man of few words
3. Ross K: Likes the name that I stole from another thread
4. fuhzball: Left his VS/poly hybrid for Gosen micro 18
5. NickB: Keeps going back to his pro no. 1's
6. Craig Sheppard: Long-time Fischer user
7. ndtennis: Fischer fanboy
8. cpmoran: Another fellow M pro SL user
9. Leads up is Fischers
10. Crazyups: Says his racquet is over 12 pounds!
11. vsdtrek: 7 months and counting with his beloved Fischers
12: Racquet Junkie: Prefers a poly/syn. gut hybrid
13. nickynu: Wants a review of the Fischer vacuum pro
14. Daveyboy: Loves everything in the Fischer lineup
15. Austro: Wants a new M pro but can't find the right grip
16. 007: Thinks he's James Bond
17. Latinking: Fischer all the way!
18. Downey Stringing Master: Likes the old vacuum 90's
19. jorel: Likes to bomb serves with his Fischer's
20. packer fan: Another M pro user
21. jasonchu: Mcomp95 babee
22. Slaz: Uses my favorite racquet
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