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You might be overtraining. I'd limit myself to a total 8 sets, for large muscle groups (chest, back ,legs) and 6 for the rest (shoulders, bi's, tri's). You might be wasting sets warming up too much. For example for chest, if you do 3 sets for flat bench (2 warm ups sets at 135, 165, 1 max set weight for 225). Then you go and do incline bench, you do the same 3 sets (2 warm ups, 1 max). Why do you need to re warm up your chest, if its already warmed up from flat bench? Do 1 set for weight and exercise acclimation, and then go for your max weight for 8 reps. Though this should be fine if you were just working out, I limit my sets when i'm playing alot of tennis. Too much recovery time and it makes my tennis game weak.
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