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Originally Posted by WBF View Post
You should take some footage while playing with a decent player who moves you around a little more than a ball machine. It would be much more helpful. Also set the camera up behind you vs. in front, so we can se the results of the shots. People often point out minute and stupid inefficiencies in professional level strokes, so it's helpful to see whether the form being used is actually working or not.
Finding a good player is kind of a problem here. I have several friends who play tennis, but they can't really put any pressure on me. Hopefully, I'll find more players to hit with this season as I've joined a local league (which, btw, starts today, can't wait to play my first match). As I've mentioned in the previous message, let me know if you live near Exton and are interested in hitting with me.

I was quite satisfied with the results of those shots - ~90% of them (except for those hit down the line) went exactly where I wanted them to be, 1-5 feet from the baseline near the crosscourt corner. It could be differerent if I hit with the regular pressurized balls, though (I use more lightweight Slazengers for the ball machine).
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