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Originally Posted by madmanfool View Post
Ok, sorry all i used the Safin picture in trying to help me explain what i'm trying to say. The angle is different and so is the stance, guess i should have thought of that then.
All i'm trying to say is this:
If i were you i would do more like in the right picture. Now, it's a minor detail and sure isn't fundamental. Some people probably wont agree. But it's your tennis and you do with it what you want. I'm just trying to help you. That's all.
Madmanfool, thanks for the clarification! Now that I got your point and reviewed my video, I see that my takeback is not as big as it could have been. Something to think about.

I really appreciate your feedback and there were no sarcasm in saying that I was flattered by seeing pictures of Safin and myself put together (both by comparing to Safin and by the work you've done for me). I do understand that you are trying to help me and I do value it a lot.
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