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Originally Posted by skandy View Post
BTW, C_Urala, are you really "С Урала" (from beyond the Urals) ?
well, actually I'm from far beyond the Urals.

"2. (regarding uncoiling) This is actually what I consciously tried to do to be more aggressive on the backhand side."

I see, but you chose a wrong way. You are uncoiling not INTO the shot. You sort of pulling from the shot. It may work for the crosscourt BH, because in this case the line of your shoulders differs from the direction of your shot not that much as in the case of DTL BHs.
To be more aggressive, you should transfer your weight completely onto your right leg. As a practice, you can do the following: after the shot, try to make one step forward with your left foot. This prevent your shoulders to falling back (which reduces the power of your shots)

On both your FH and BH, your front leg looks like a break. You use it more to stop your forward movement and to retreat, than to put all your weight into the shot.
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