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I know I am new to these forums, but I have already made a purchase off TheRed and it went great. I'm no expert in online purchasing with strangers but I thought I would use this topic to put out a few guidelines for people so that this does not happen again to anyone.

1) Use Paypal! - Paypal offers up to $5,000 (may be a little less) buyer protection. If the user doesn't have Paypal, the user doesn't get my money - that simple and no questions asked.

2) Ask for references or check the "References" area of the forums. After doing a quick search I found a few people say TheRed was dependable and honest. You can see the few people who took this step - did not end up making the deal.

3) If a deal sounds too good to be true - it probably is. When you are looking at a $200 for $75 shipped in a 9.5 condition, something is up.

4) Make sure you have a stable source of communication with the seller before sending out your racquets/money. Ask for a lower price, something "not expected" and check the response - if something fishy is up this will give it away.

5) NEVER EVER give bank routing information or do a wire transfer to anyone.

I'm not trying to talk anyone down here - I'm just trying to give helpful pointers to people who may be new to this or has never done it. Paypal is probably the safest step you can take in assuring a quality deal with someone. I hope this helps clear up a few things that people may not know or not think of doing.
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