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Originally Posted by skandy View Post
Couple of videos of me hitting with a ball machine -

Forehands -
Backhands -

I've been playing from age 6 till 12, then stopped playing and started again last summer - 17 years later at the age 29. It wasn't exactly the perfect start I hoped for - I broke my dominant arm in February (snowboarding), then got a tennis elbow, sprained both wrists, got a shoulder injury and finally rolled an ankle at the end of the season. Funny, huh? I thought I'm done, but the amazing news is that all those injuries have healed during the winter and they don't seem to bother me anymore, so I really want to keep it this way Now I work out a little, stretch, properly warm up etc. My main concern is whether my technique is arm-friendly, especially on a backhand side, which I self-taught last year (used to have 2hbh as a child but now it feels awkward). Of course, any other tips and suggestions are more then welcome.

Please disregard the 2-handed backhands on the video.

I must say I enjoyed watching you hit. It was a pleasure to witness your energy and your constant determination to stay on your toes. However, dont be so bouncy, otherwise, you look like a Mexican jumping bean. Stay in control and allow your eyes to see the court. Sometimes too mnuch bouncing can affect your judgement.

I would like to analyze your strokes with QuickTime, so I can step -through things. There might be something with your onehander that could be contributing to some strain in the elbow.

These are the things I would work on for now.

1. Shoulder Rotation: It isn't so much your backswing that is the problem, it is your shoulder rotation. You have none. Zero, zip, nada. Initially, it is okay for the racquet preparation but you need to go a little farther for the forward swing. Think of bringing your front shoulder under your chin and then when you swing, bring the back shoulder under your chin. That is all you need to think about and your shoulder rotation will be sufficient.

2. I wasn't so crazy about your front foot/leg on the onehander. I had some issues with it straightening too soon which sort of short circuited your entire onehanded stroke. It wasn't too bad but I think some more rhythm is needed here.

3. Relax: You are trying a bit too hard with your swing. I reallyliked you determination, however, relax and just initate the racquet coming forward with a very slight pull forward. Allow your momentum to catch up and bring the racquet through the ball.

4. I didnt like the way your body was facing for the onehander. It might be your feet, your non-dominant arm, or your rotation (or a combination of all). I would like to look at that further.

Great work on your conditioning. Keep up the eagerness to grow and get me those clips in QuickTime.
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