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Originally Posted by skandy View Post
Bungalo Bill,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'll post my improved strokes in a couple of weeks (also will be available in QuickTime). By the way, was the camera angle ok?
I am not very keen on camera angles. I suspect some people here are experts. However, I think if you were really nice to me you would give me great camera angles from different perspectives. Such as the serve:

1. Behind shot.

2. Side baseline shot (for toss, etcc...)

3. front angle (net post) shot.


I dont know if John Yandell can comment but I suspect he would know best. Maybe some others can help you on that. I just like to analyze them. Dont care much about cameras.

I really liked your energy, it looked like you were really trying. Got me thinking to dust off my Volkl and see what this old man can do.
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