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On camera and camera angles.
1) Try to get the sun behind the camera. Lighting will be better. I was surprised that the video looked as good as it does considering the sun is facing the camera lens. I know it makes hitting harder, but the video will look better.
2) Camera setting: If your camera has manual shutter speed ability, increase it to 1/2000sec. That will freeze the frames and remove the blur. Do a test to make sure the video playback is not to dark.
3) A sunny day will allow more light in the camera making the video better.
4) If you can, take the video in morning or late afternoon with the sun out. Just makes better lighting.
5)The camera height just at your shoulders or at your arm puts or mid section works well.
6) Camera angles: The one you have is a good one on both sides. Add a angle facing down the baseline.
7) If you do a serve video, I like turning the camera on its side. That allows a fuller frame. That will look like:

There are others ideas, but this is a good start.
Hope this helps.

At lest the extra bean jumping keeps you on your toes. I need to get that lightness back in my footwork.. Maybe I should break out the flip-flops.

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