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Impressive energy you have there, but try not to be so bouncy as Buffalo Bill had said... not only will it possibly impair your ball judgement, but also may catch you off guard as the next ball is coming toward you offensively. i usually bounce a little bit follow by split step as the other person is returning my returned ball.. something small and bouncy. Sorta like when you are sitting down in class and want to leave because its almost time to go,, a symbol of "shaking your leg"-- know what I am talking about?-- like youre imipatient and will explose once the class is finish... lol something like that. I see solid form from both wings, I wouldnt change much if youre producing the results you want. And plus I use two handed backhand so its unimagineable for me to try to correct someone with one hand lol.
If you want to improve further with your footwork with the ball machine, try shifting back to the middle after you return the ball llol... it should also help you with agility.
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