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Default "Royal Tennis" anyone?

Real Tennis or "Court Tennis" (note the 3rd paragraph; 2nd sentence)

If you ever get the chance to play "court" tennis--even if only to take a lesson--you'd want to read the rules to get a general grasp of the game beforehand. Under the advice of the teaching pro, I did just that before taking my "one lesson" of court tennis at the In'tl Tennis HOF (Newport, R.I.) and it was worth the effort. Among the many quirks of the game, for example, there are times when it pays NOT to hit the ball. Playing the ball off the "penthouse" (that word again) is a fun feature of the game. One other thing: topspin? forget it. The racquets had "heads" that were slightly angled like hockey sticks so as to better "scoop" the low shots off the court deck. Very interesting albeit complex game. Part tennis, part squash, part chess (here's the Hall of Fame court at Newport):
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