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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
You're gonna hurt yourself, buddy. Stop that hot/cold alternating nonsense immediately. When you're injured, you should only apply cold and never heat. Your body is pooling blood into the injured area and you need to get rid of it. Ice packs will bring down the swelling while heat will make it swell even more. Heat is not a tool for recovery, it's something we use after the injury is completely healed. Right now, you should ice and only ice because your goal is to bring that swelling down.
i see. okay ill stop it then. I visited my school like medic guy/anatomy teacher and he helped bind up my ankle areas until my ankle brace comes in so its really helping out, and even lent me a walking boot? lol. it helps alot.

today wasn't that bad after resting, but still feel it.
He told me to ice around 20 minutes a session, does icing in water do the same?
Im having a hard time laying the ice pack on without it slipping XD
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