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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I think they are essentially the same thing. Just know that there is no ratcheting feeling or sound with the swing.

I exaggerated the lack of space under the string bed with the Swing. While it is tight, you can do a push weave of crosses in one pass. I don't know what technique I was trying to do in the past. There is still probably less than 3" between the string bed and the bar that holds the racquet.
I would think the clutch would be slightly more accurate, would be possible that perfectly horizontal could be between two of the ratchet teeth. This is probably a small issue.

The lack of space would be more troubling to me personally. Especially on the last few crosses.

And I do like the Klippermate clamps. Easy to use and to adjust. Just not very pretty or impressive.

And there are some positive points for 2 point mounting, namely that it is much faster to setup for different racquets, and doesn't have the potential to block holes.

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