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Originally Posted by psYcon View Post
Thanks! I was amazed at the 'pushing demon' inside of me trying to claw its way out and have a go at this guy. After the match though I was disappointed in myself for being cowardly and not playing my game, but then again a win's a win.
I've had to do this. It took and excruciating 3 hours for a 6-1, 6-0 victory. I could tell in warm-up what it would take though. I had researched her too beforehand and realized she had beaten so many of the top players. So when I saw her in warm-up, I thought, how could this be? I knew they had to have become impatient and went for winners that this player got back and eventually they either over-hit or put it in the net. I was proud to have outlasted the energizer bunny and I might still have won playing "my" game. But it wouldn't have resulted in that dramatic and (slow) slam-dunk 1-0 score. I wanted that for those who would be researching me.

You weren't a coward. You played smart IMO.
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