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Default [Merged] Wardlaw Directionals -- what a difference!

Call me stubborn or dense, but previously, I just couldn't get the ideas of inside and outside shots through my thick skull. It just didn't quite make sense. Then I watched the Chuck Kreisse vids someone posted this week, and FINALLY understood what those terms meant.

I went out this weekend, and hit trying to employ just three of those directionals - Outside balls go crosscourt, inside balls - can change direction - weak shots, I can hit down the line aggresively if I choose. Otherwise, no changing directions on balls, and limit the DTL shots.

Well - I can't believe what a radical improvement this made in my play. Three things happened that surprised me.

1. I had so much less 'noise' in my head. I didn't have to decide on what shot to hit, I already knew, so I just set up and hit it. It was mentally so much more comfortable hitting this way.

2. Consitency was improved, not just because I choose the right shot - but because there was no hesitation as to what shot to hit. I noticed how much quicker I could set up.

3. I put my opponent in way more trouble than I usually do, and I hit with my regular hitting partner, so I know how we hit. I guess simply because the percentage of power in the shots used was greater than single segment shots - even though it seemed much more predictable as to what I was going to do. I thought he would start to groove on me, but the high percentage shot was still just that - the high perentage shot - whether he expected it or not.

It just felt so good kinda knowing exactly what was going on out there for a change. It was mentally relaxing hitting this way, not to mention - it just works.

In fact, I'll be honest here. I am kinda freaked out how great it was hitting this way. I am seriously excited about this.
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