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Played a guy today that come up and challenged me on court while I was practicing serves. Had not idea if he was 5.0 or 2.0. He didn't even want to warm up, just ready to serve right there.

I hadn't even hit single groundie yet, but said, sure, let's do it.

Turns out, he had a decent medium hard flat forehand, and pretty much pushed and scutter-bugged around to get points.

I took him 6-1, just playing a good solid game. However it was sooooo windy that play became increasingly difficult, almost to where it was close to impossible to set up before hitting. He was pushing badly by this time, and I decided to quit fighting this insane wind, and PUSH with him - hell, just for giggles, and good time. What the heck right?

It was so much fun!!! I just ran all over the place, and bumped balls over deep, chips, little soft slices - some high moonballs. It was a blast. All I had to do, was just run everywhere as fast as I could, and dink the ball back anyway I wanted. I even started tapping the serves in - LOL, it was killing his game too. His game completely fell apart when I started pushing, and he even started laughing out loud at one point, and said, "Aw c'mon - your'e just messin' with me now...". I gotta say - I may never do that again, but it was darn fun for a change.
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