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Originally Posted by Hot Sauce View Post
Are there a lot of seeds? What kind of download speeds do you usually get?
Usually, ATP matches are posted within a day, so if you missed a match you can download and view it within a few hours (provided it was shown on TV. So first rounds etc of Miami and IW are not likely to be there.)

Older matches are also present - Agassi, Sampras etc. Some past grand slams.

This depends on how many are seeding. If you see 5-10 seeds, then the speed is good. My bandwidth is 64 KBps and i often get that much. So if you have faster bandwidth than I do, you'll get better speeds.

If you download a torrent with only 1-2 seeds (like older, less popular matches) the speed can be v slow -- you can wait several days for a match to download !

QUALITY: good, can see ball clearly, TV quality. Can fullscreen and watch.
The commentary is often Russian or German, but I don't see why that's an issue. Usually the file name specifies language.

SIZE: Usually 1.5 to 2 GB. So you need disk space so you can continue to seed a match after downloading. It is best to seed matches as long as you can.

hth. if the above is okay, let me know if I should send you both an invite.

I think you can also try They have not yet implemented invite, but will very soon.
They never see you coming, do they, Tom ?
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