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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
Aside from the directionals encouraging high percentage shots (truly a good thing), you also went out there with a reasonable plan instead of just playing in reaction mode. When I can successfully encourage the kids that I coach to do that, it's not rare to see that same calmness in their game because they already know what to do with the ball. You could even scratch down some highlights of Wardlaw's magic formula and revisit them while you're playing - check them on changeovers or before you start. I've tried it and I've found that it can really chase the garbage out of my head.
Too true. I look forward to developing more with these. At first glance, you looks like a physical shot selection thing. When I started going with it, and allowing it to be part of my point play, it became a mental thing with much more 'time' on my side. Hard to set your feet up well, when you haven't made a final decision on what shot to hit.

I remember being out wide on some forehands, hitting an deep aggressively spun shot back cross court, and *right there* thinking - "ahhhh - this is where you always scramble back hard to the center to cover the DTL!" Only this time, I didn't recover all the way - I let him have a shot at it if he was willing to take the high risk low percentage shot. It not only worked, but I saved a lot of energy not scrambling all over to cover low percentage possibilities.

It was a big 'AH-HA' moment for me.
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