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Stop exerting that ankle and consult an orthopaedic physician specializing in sports medicine as soon as possible. No excuses for not doing that.

I injured my left ankle while reaching for a backhand 4 weeks ago and experienced minor discomfort. I ignored it and played for the next week or so and worsened the condition to the point where I could not walk. That is when I started researching on the internet for ankle injuries and came to the conclusion that it was an ankle ligament tear. One week later, the physician informed me it was peroneal tendonitis. Huge difference between the two as explained in the links below. The physician informed me that my recovery would have been shorter if I had treated it as soon as it happened. Don't waste any time and consult an orthopaedic physician specializing in sports medicine. Good luck in your recovery.

p.s.: I am watching Tennis Channel and exercising my arms a lot as I undergo anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy now.
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