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Originally Posted by swimntennis View Post
Sentinel, I'm a member on and have downloaded a couple matches. However, I'm not sure if I've been a seeder or not. How would I know if I'm seeding the torrent or not? Do I just leave the computer on and Azureus (my client) will do all the work?
Two ways,
One, did you delete the torrent file shown on Azureus after downloading. If you did then you would not have been seeding it. You have to let it be on, and of course not delete the actual movie file.

Two, log into on the very top you can see your ratio, and "Up" and "Down". Up means how much you have uploaded. Ratio should be 1.0 at least.
Now, click on your username next to "Welcome back". It will open a page for you.
If you click on Current Seeds + Show Hide, it will show you how many you are seeding at present.
Completed Torrents shows you all you have downloaded. Some can move up to Current Seeds if someone starts "leeching".

Basically, When you download a file, don't delete anything until the ratio shows at least 1.0. It is best of course not to remove it as long as possible.
I have now even invested in an extra USB drive so i can keep seeding and not worry about disk space.

It's a GREAT way of giving back to the tennis community. The more people seeding the better for all.
They never see you coming, do they, Tom ?
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