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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
You'd be surprised at how quickly you can recover from an injury by applying ice. Your ankle swells up from an inury so it's important to bring that swelling down. You can wait for it to happen on its own which it will eventually, but ice can do it for you so much sooner. The sooner the swelling goes down, the sooner you recover. Don't believe me? When I was a teen and I sprained my ankle playing basketball, I hobbled home and just rested it. It took over a week to recover from that injury. I sprained my ankle again when I was way past my teen years and I had gained a lot of knowledge from my personal training days so this time I iced the ankle down almost immediately. I was walking without a limp in a day and a half and I made a full recovery by the 3rd day. Ice will help you recover much quicker than not icing at all. Trust me on this.
I agree with this. I recently injured my shoulder again and wow what a difference it makes to have prompt ice application.

It has always struck me as strange though that the body's natural reaction over a significant evolution period is not better than this i.e. if the blood pooling in that area is a bad thing, why doesn't the body pump it through and not allow it to collect. Anyway sorry, random evolutionary ramble
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