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Default 2 low priced deals

1) Wilson Hyper prostaff 6.5: 5-6/10 cosmetically, 4 3/8 gripsize, strung with synthetic gut. As rough as it is cosmetically it is in great structural shape with no cracks. My only concern with the racquet is that after buying it from **** I noticed that it does not have a wilson hologram. It looks as though the hologram was removed in some way, a definite indention in the paint is present in the shape of the missing hologram. I have no reason besides this to suspect it as being fake; it swings and hits the same as my other 6.5 (I notice no difference in the two when playing), graphics are identical (no font changes, missing trademarks or off graphics as found on many fakes), and the string pattern and spacing are identical to the other 6.5 I had. Bumper guard identical as well. No reasonable offer will be rejected for this racquet, I really care more about just getting rid of it as its just taking up space in my closet. It's a cheap way to get the "tsonga" experience. pics available at the link below.

2) Wilson sting 1 (PWS) midsize 4 5/8 9/10 condition. Strung with synthetic gut. This is a sweet stick that plays wonderfully in pristine shape. Little heavy for my tastes, I play with it for fun occasionally but not enough for it to take up space. It is in wonderful shape. looking for $35 shipped or best offer. don't have pics at the moment but am happy to take some.

pics available at

email at
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