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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
That's because it's a good thing in the long run, but definitely not a good thing initially. We obviously need blood flow, but not an overflow of blood when we're injured which is exactly what happens. The body's reaction to the injury site would be great one week after the injury, but we get the displeasure of getting that response immediately and that's where we should intervene. It's similar to the body storing bodyfat which is a good thing for the long haul, but we never reach that stage where we need that stored bodyfat (stranded with no food for many days). The body's just trying to protect us so we can look at it like our helpful, but stupid friend.
I love you too rickson <3

so anyways. its been, 5 days now? So Far?

Been Icing
Tied medical cloth for a few days, currently using a brace
Wearing a "Walking Boot", which keeps almost all the stress off while at school
Using some thing called "BioFreeze" it's amazing comfort in a bottle


Normal walking is okay.
Jogging or Running is still a no no
The only painful area is around initial ankle, rather then almost the whole entire foot
Swelling has reduced dramatically to a very minor state
Slight bruises

Im looking to do this, maybe without the boot until Sunday.
I have been on full rest. Only walking substantially at school, but even then our nice elevator has relieved me quite a bunch.

thanks for the help. ill keep ya posted, if i see any other problems.
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