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Originally Posted by TennisDawg View Post
Twice a month is quite a bit if you also play in a league once a week and enter a tournament every month or so. Throw in a clinic twice a month and your playing at least 8 to 9 times a month, at least. That should be plenty!

Golfers seem to have more fun golfing. I play golf about a dozen times a year and it is much more relaxing and much easier to find golf partners. In golf you can just show up and join in with a group of golfers. Try doing that in tennis or better yet try setting up a match with a new tennis partner-good luck. I love tennis, but it is more of an elitist sport than golf, which is surprising!! If you walk the golf course, it's not bad exercise, either.
I am not going to argue with golfers having more fun, if you define "fun" as enjoying the sunshine, the chirp of the birds, the pretty view of the lake, the anticipation of a cold beer at the clubhouse, the joy of closing the deal with your work buddy. But if you are talking the "fun" of sports competition and beating down on the other guy, it's no competition, tennis is vastly superior to golf in that sense.
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