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I have an Open coming up this weekend...and one way or another, I'll have to face a 5.0 or + no matter which direction it goes main draw or consolation.

My first goal is trying to get the return in, and get a rally going as best I can manange. If I can just get the ball in play, I think I'll be able to play some, and enjoy the crap outta playing a great player.

My second goal is to serve aggressive keep my opponent from taking the immediate offensive on the return.

Frankly, I just want to get the ball in play, and play out some good points. I am not even thinking about winning or losing--- just not looking like a total goof for showing up.

And congrats on this opportunity to the OP. You should enjoy seeing what you can do on the court with better players. Depending on your game, technique, and skill level, I have more weapons as you play up to a certain point if you have good stroke mechanics and footwork. At some point though, the better players tend to have serious weapons they can really punish you with. That's whats gonna happen to me! <smile>
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