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Originally Posted by spot View Post
I couldn't disagree any more with the advice given so far. The key to beating someone better than you is to make them beat you with what they do the worst. Pound the backhand OVER AND OVER. Don't mix it up- POUND the backhand. Bring them to the net and lob them repeatedly to make them beat you with overheads. Find what they do the worst and keep making them do that every single point. In rec tennis people vary SO MUCH if you compare what they do the best to what they do the worst. Seriously- don't let that player get a single forehand return against you and I guarantee you you will do much better than if you "play your own game".
I know a lot of higher level players that have backhands that would hurt you just as much as their forehand. I would bet that if you aren't at the level of your opponent, and they have an unsteady backhand, you're probably going to have trouble really "pounding" any stroke. Most 4.0 and above players have a good, solid backhand - be it slice or topspin.

If you're not at their level, odds are, your lobs aren't going to be tremendously effective and you'll rarely be able to command the point.

Your best bet (if you are able) is to play to their weakness, but only if you aren't sacrificing your strength to do so. If you've got a solid FH and can direct it well, then by all means attack them at their weakness. If your backhand is terrible and they're directing your shots to their backhand crosscourt, you're going to work yourself into a less-than-positive situation.
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