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Originally Posted by TennisDawg View Post
Yes, I am talking of the fun you just described. But, you do leave out the skill required in golf and although not as physical the skill is just as challenging as tennis. In someways it requires more skill because you must deal with different courses and the terrain, etc. I also wouldn't use the term superior in comparing the two sports, but just pros and cons. I believe golf is way less complicated in terms of lining up playing partners and getting out and playing than Tennis. Less complication, means more relaxing. Tennis players seem to carry a lot more baggage with them when it comes to getting out to play. Questions and comments like: What is your NTRP? How long ya been playin? I beat so and so? I don't care for those courts? You a member of the Tennis club? How old are you? I played High School Tennis? Back when I played on the collegiate team!

The biggest downside of Tennis is lining up practices matches, it is far too complicated. You should be able to show up at a city park and get a pickup game, much like going to a city park or YMCA to play basketball. Best team or best player wins, simple as that!

A big downside to golf is the green fees, if it weren't for the green fees, I would play more golf.

I completely agree with you that no sport brings out more excuses before you even take your racquet out of it's cover than tennis. However, IMO the reason for that, is there is no sport that brings out the competitiveness in an individual more than tennis. Golf vs tennis? They are so dissimilar in the gameplay that I wouldn't bother to compare them, as there is no comparison. Why would you bother to compare the gameplay of the ultimate back and forth competition, with a game with no defense? Silly, actually...
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