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The starting clamp is a nice too to have, but not necessary,it can make things easier and allow you to do more things(backup flying clamps,do 50/50 patterns,reach the tensioner when you measure short if kevlar is wrapped through the holes), but for around 40 bucks it's your call.The Babolat Blue handle is what I use and has yet to fail me up to 70 pounds on everything from gut to poly to ribboned strings,etc.I've used the red handle and it's better, but only marginally imo becuase Bab starting clamps are soo good anyhow that even there worst should take whatever you can throw at it.Alpha RAB is easier to find and comprable to the Blue Handled Bab, but doesn't carry the Bab name and is the same price last I checked.And if I remember correctly isn't diamond dusted like Gamma stringing clamps or Babolat clamps and starting clamps.The RAB does look very nice though, but uses 2 very strong springs.I know Babolat has some very nice older clamps, but I only hear about them,I never used them, but based on who I heard about them I'd put my confidence in them.
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