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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

If I watch the videos and play on Sunday, do you think I can employ the directionals to good advantage? Or would it be better to do it in a practice situation first?
Hmmmm...depends. What I did was to watch those youtube vids from Chuck K., then get my head around it by thinking through points for a few day, until I sort of though I had it, at least a few rules.

So I then went out a few day later, and practiced them while hitting with my partner on groundies, and I quickly got the hang of it.

Then in my next match a few days later, without thinking about it too much, I was seeing it. ie, "Oh, thats an outside forehand coming...crosscourt - np"

Just pick take the crosscourt rule for outside balls, and stick with that. When you get an inside ball, you have options. Don't get too complicated with it, just have fun recognizing inside, outside, or weak ball.

Good luck - have fun with it Cindy - this takes repitition. But let me say - it helped me a lot just doing them a little bit, being aware of what was going on. Funny thing too---most of the errors I saw from my partner, where when he clearly violated one of those rules!
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