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Yes. A 10oz racket is more likely to LEAD TO tennis elbow that cure it.

Racket should be: -

Head light

and have
soft strings, preferably natural gut.
the right size of grip.

In practice this means NO GRANNY STICKS

The bit about middle age is not true. People can get tennis elbow for all sorts of reasons at any age. Don't lead people down the wrong track by suggesting that only middle age people can get it.

Add "deep tissue massage" to treatments.

Some mention of technique would be helpful. A significant number of TE injuries are due to technique issues esp on the backhand side (but by no means all- it can also be caused by technique issues on the forehand, serve or volleys). TE can also be caused by overuse.

Some mention of RSI might be helpful- too much use of a computer can lead to TE or other pains in the area.

A small section of other possibilities would be good- nerve impingement in the neck/shoulder. Radial tunnel syndrome.

Also, unless you are a qualified doctor or PT, i would suggest a disclaimer in the original post making it absolutely clear that this advice is not given by a doctor or PT.

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