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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
I'm not sure what this means, but I hope it's not a gesture of anger.
it's not lol. i am ignorant and stupid. since i've never gotten an ankle sprain, and i don't expect myself to know anything.

but another update!

Pretty much its been 10 Days. I am definitely 90% well, i can walk perfectly fine, and stretch my ankle areas without pain in all directions.

I actually even decided to play a bit today, with my brace, and no pain at all. Not even an hour later since i played, which is now.

I have a match tomorrow, but knowing me, ill run too many things down, so I dont plan on playing tomorrow either, except as a substitute.

I've been going through same procedures, ive exercised my ankles, ice, and some medical spray help. Also, bracing everyday definitely makes things easier.

I'm guessing officially by next Friday, I should be in normal 100% form, but gonna wear my ankle brace now FOR LIFE!
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