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Unhappy Help with drop weight? selection (YULitle???...anybody??)

Hi. I'm a "noob" when it comes to stringing machines ... I've never done the "stringing myself" stuff, but I'm beginning to think that spending money on a good quality drop weight is justifiable given that I play 5-6 times a week during the summer, I usually play full synthetic (multi) and use a 16x19 pattern racket which means I break strings fairly often. That ... plus the fact that the stringer I normally go to screwed up one of my rackets (it's badly hit and deformed....probably badly mounted and flew out of the machine or something...) and I don't want anybody else handling them anymore (nobody will take as much care as I would do...presumably).
I have searched the internet for reasonably priced stringing machines and the online stores in Germany seem to be my best bet.
I have read enough about stringing to know that having fixed clamps and a 6 point mounting system is desirable and perhaps more important than having an electronic tensioning system if I'm not going to make a business out of stringing (i.e speed is not THAT important to me). Hence my decision to go with a drop weight.
Given that I chose to go with 6 point mounting system and fixed clamps I find it weird that the prices I found are so different on various machines which look "all the same" to me. I will post 3 pictures of machines I found without posting their prices and will let you know that the prices vary A LOT between the 3...and I'm looking for reasons to justify buying a more expensive (better quality??) machine.
Can somebody with some experience please explain to me what I'm looking at?? Why the difference in one of them "noticeably better" from the pictures and/or known facts about the particular models???

1 - Signum Pro s3000

2 - Tour plus 8 (not sure about the company name)

3 - Signum Pro x 7000

The more expensive from these ... is "only" about 170 Euros cheaper than an electronic I found (and I may be able to find some electronics that are cheaper...pretty close to the drop weight price while still having the fixed clamps and 6 point mounting).
(this is the electronic I'm talking about ... it's the same machine as the x7000 with different tensioning system (apparently)

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