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Originally Posted by Banks View Post
instead of wrapping the string around the gripper and around a angle. the string is pulled straight. this means less dammage to the string durring the stringing process. This is good for strings that kinky easy like gut.
Understood, makes sense thanks for the feedback.

Originally Posted by YULitle View Post
Again, this it totally by looks alone. But the first one's mounting system doesn't look very robust. It looks flimsy.

A linear gripper typically puts less stress on the string than a rotational gripper.
Thanks, that makes me breathe a bit easier...since no 1 is the most expensive one.
It's probably due to labor cost since that one is advertised as made in Germany (it also has "professional" in it's name ... maybe that's what accounts for some of the difference as well )
...while number 3 is said to be made in China (designed in Germany) and they are the same company.
I have no idea where number 2 is designed or made (and that one is the cheapest).
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