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Thank you all for the valuable feedback. I know it's difficult to give feedback based on pictures and having first hand experience with the machines would help, but not being in the States I have access to different machines (and manufacturers...and most important of all ... PRICES) .

Originally Posted by saturn View Post
I like the first one since it's built by them and upgradeable to electric in the future. The whole base is made looks like with stainless steel and looks light and strong. Design is nice. The mounts look weak but not sure without using if it is actually strong. The others are probably made by other company and not designed by them. It looks like a copy other machines.
Yeh...the base / design looks nice on #1. However more than 1 guy said that the mounts look pretty crappy...and the price is the biggest of them all.
The thing about being upgradeable is also true for #3. I wouldn't think twice about buying #3 if it also had the linear gripper (not sure at this point how important that is ... I'll have to dig some more to find out ).
Thanks for the feedback so far...keep it coming. If somebody (by chance) had access to any of those machines ... please take the time and post as there's no replacement for "first hand experience".
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