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Originally Posted by my_forehand View Post
Same here. Right now.

Have fun there! Take some photos!

Although it kinda sucks for Rangers fans...losing McCulloch and McGregor + Naismith and Burke?!
Hey, I normally snap a quick pic on my phone before the stadium fills up (mostly just European night..I've got a season tickets so it'd be alot of pics

Yeah, It's getting progressively worse. I don't want a season like Celtics back in '03 where they reached the final but won nothing else (admittedly we've already got the CIS Cup final (what a game to be at though! The atmosphere during the penalties and afterwards was immense) into the Scottish Cup final, 1 point down with 3 games in hand in the league..It's looking great (If you don't factor in the injuries and the fact that Cuellar got Red carded so will miss the next old firm game this weekend-think "Hand of God" but this time preventing a goal . Also out for the Fiorentina match is Ferguson (El Capitano) and Kevin Thomson. Argh!! Makes me nervous thinking about it!
When I've sobered up I'll write one!
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