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Originally Posted by rbq4h4 View Post
im just curius but isnt the inverse be truer? i'm really out of shape and near 300 pounds so if for me running is harder then isn't then burning mor e caloreis than if you in shape? dont i work harder than you, i' know i more out of breath than you after running the same?
Good question.

The problems you have are multiple.

1. Your metabolic rate is probably much lower than mine, even though I'm 65 and you are, say, 40. This isn't a hard and fast rule in physiology, but generally it's true that when you are substantially overweight you tend to have lower metabolism.

2. The work you can do per unit of time will be substantially less. It will feel like you are doing more because your metabolic economy is poor and your muscular endurance is poor.

3. The length of time you can work will be lower. I played tennis today against a 40 year old guy who hasn't played in a week, and is about 10 pounds overweight. He got badly waxed the second set only because he couldn't keep up. He was knackered.

Don't worry about most of this stuff. Just get your eating habits under control and start REALLY enjoying the things that matter in life.

Best of luck!

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