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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
hola folks. just got back from the beach. the kids are watching horton hears a who and chubby baby is on the floor eating my camera. sure beats work.

i take one day off and i miss 3 pages of TW MAC posts. very hard to keep up.

getting a bucket of crabs tonight. i'm pushing for crab legs though. i like them cuz they are easier to open and more reward for the effort.
Hey, T-man. Thought of you tonight at the Tennis for Nature tournament at the Worldgate. One of the team we played enroute to our consolation round championship was a Mutt and Jeff pairing. The younger guy was 6'6", and his partner was - I swear - 5'1". Man, I'm not used to towering over another guy. And he was the power player on that team!

You would have loved the irony.
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