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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Hey, T-man. Thought of you tonight at the Tennis for Nature tournament at the Worldgate. One of the team we played enroute to our consolation round championship was a Mutt and Jeff pairing. The younger guy was 6'6", and his partner was - I swear - 5'1". Man, I'm not used to towering over another guy. And he was the power player on that team!

You would have loved the irony.
That irony is that those guys were the captain and co-captain of my 7.0 mixed team. I got paired with both of them throughout the season. They are both actually 3.0s. Nice guys, but I never won a match with either of them. Got close, but no cigar. The only time I actually got paired with a 3.5 problem.
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