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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
That irony is that those guys were the captain and co-captain of my 7.0 mixed team. I got paired with both of them throughout the season. They are both actually 3.0s. Nice guys, but I never won a match with either of them. Got close, but no cigar. The only time I actually got paired with a 3.5 problem.
Tres cool. Interesting team to play, but not much of a challenge. My partner didn't really find his serve until the last match, so Mutt and Jeff pushed us a bit. The little guy (ha, how I love saying that!) was a bit combative at times, but then again I used to be that way until I found out there WERE people shorter than I in this world.

Nice paint job, by the way. Schools should be bright and colorful. You done good.
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