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I have a question about these shoes. Did anyone else have trouble with either breaking them in or getting them to stop hurting your feet? I have a flat narrow foot and I wasn't sure if that was the problem or weather or not I didn't give them enough of a chance to get used to them. The first few times I wore them they hurt my feet so much I had to literally take them off. Luckily I was just giving a lesson and not playing a match or anything. But still. Anyways, I did try them out a couple of different times with the same result. Is there a certain amount of times that you have to wear these to get used to them or what? I have talked to a few people who said the exact same thing I did. They hurt like hell the first few times they wore them, but then after the break-in period was over they felt great. For some reason I couldn't get over that break-in period for some reason. Anyways, I have two brand new pairs of black ones, and I love the way they look but have put them on the back burner because of the hurting problem. Then I got the Implosions, then eventually the Breathe Frees, which are my all time favorites. Does anyone have any info for me on these? Thanks, Later
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