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Originally Posted by officerdibble View Post
...And another thing; diet sodas. Another grand weight loss illusion. Whether the artificial sweetners trigger hunger sooner, or whether people unconsciously miscalculate the punitive benefits and then over-indulge elsewhere isn't clear, but a large long term study found that when of the two groups it was the diet soda drinkers that ended up with higher proportions obesity.
I do not dispute your statement. It is a true one. However, some of us cannot consume sodas that contain sugar. If a diabetic chooses to drink a carbonated soda pop, diet ones are the only option.

Of course, if you take your sugary Gatorade to the court when you go to play tennis to "lose weight" there's a pretty good chance you'll negate calories burned before you've left the court!
So true! Shows us the power of Madison Avenue.
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