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Dang....not only beaten, but 3rd place no less.

The Coria/Hewitt match was probably the most entertaining of recent memory. I just loved Coria attempting to explain to the crowd how he didn't mean to hit at Hewitt... And Hewitt's ever so readable lips....

My all time favorite match might just be Chang/Horst Skoff in 1990 on clay in Austria. I think it was so cold that you could see the players' breath. Chang started cramping in the 5th set and on match point was beating himself in the legs with his racket to stop the cramping. He won the match, but had to be carried off court.

Behind that, the match McEnroe played against Vilas in Argentina in '83. Vilas routed McEnroe and McEnroe was his typically classy self.

Another great Davis Cup match was when Agassi played Martin Jaite in Argentina. Agassi was tooling Jaite and in one of the sets, Jaite served at game point. I think Agassi was up like 5-1 in the 3rd and caught Jaite's first serve giving him the game. The fans didn't like that too much.

Also probably tops on my list was Jim Courier's defeat of Greg Rusedski in 5 sets in Britan. That 5 set 4 hour marathon inspired Pete Sampras to play DC again albeit in a doubles role. That weekend was probably one of the best I've seen.
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