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Originally Posted by chess9 View Post
I had my Polar Heart Rate monitor running for 3.5 hours a few days ago. I played 3 sets of singles and 3 sets of doubles, and total caloric expenditure was estimated at 2160 calories. I would suggest that 2/3rds of that was expended on singles and 1/3 on doubles. So, about 1300 calories for singles and 860 calories for doubles, roughly. So, about 433 calories per set of singles, and 287 calories per set of doubles.

I have a high metabolic rate, needing about 2800 calories per day to maintain my base weight.

So, for a guy who is out of shape, I'd say the numbers would be considerably lower, particularly for singles, since you probably are unable to work as hard as I can.

I, too, have a Polar Heart Rate monitor that I wear whenever I do any type of aerobic exercise. Whenever I do tennis drills (some 1.5 hours), I burn 1100 Kcal (then again, I'm a short woman). Whenever I do gym cardio (elliptical, bikes, etc.) usually I'll burn 10 Kcal/min. Whenever I play a competitive tennis match (singles) I usually burn 800-1000 Kcal over 2 hrs.

Hope this helps.
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