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Originally Posted by 843 View Post
I'm 19, 5'5", 115 lbs, and am an ecto-endomorph with fairly small frame, and I'm a guy.

I haven't eaten fast food for months and drink only water. I play tennis 3-6 times a week, around 1-2 hours each time. With my current lifestyle, it's nearly impossible for me to gain any weight at all, so sometimes it baffles me why the vast majority of people think that losing weight is hard...
Just wait until you are about twenty-thirty years older. Then, you'll understand.

When I was 19, I was 6'3" tall, as I am now. But only weighed 165 pounds. And like you, nothing I could do made a difference. That all changes around your late-30s or early-40s. You'll have a full-time employment. You'll get married and have a family and most likely young children. All kinds of things will start taking up your time, other than hitting the courts or the gym. You'll see... Enjoy your youth while you still have it.
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