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Originally Posted by 10s talk View Post
change rackets
I don't think it would make that much of a difference.

Try not to serve so hard... and go see a doctor. I'm recovering from an injury similar to yours although it wasn't my elbow. I thought it was TE but when I went to the doctor she told me I had a slight tear in the tendons in my forearm. Since I tried to play through the pain for a few days it just made it worse and it developed into severe tendonitis. Now I'm out for at least 6 weeks.

I would only feel the pain on my first serve (which is relatively flat). I noticed I would really only feel it when I served a little harder (100+ mph). I'm not sure if it is due to the pronation or from the wrist 'snap' I have at the point of contact with the ball. I noticed I didn't really feel the pain on my second serve which is a completely different service motion.
Well that sucks. I only feel pain on both first and second serves but not on any of my other strokes. Thanks for telling this. I'm gonna try to contact my doctor.
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