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Mac/Wilander, Mac/Vilas, Mac/Becker, Mac/Noah in Grenoble...this Mac dude is really something.

Becker and Agassi was ridiculous.

Becker beat Edberg in a Davis Cup final, that was a good one, but I don't remember it as being an epic.

Boetsch/Kulti in a hall that used to be a Saab fctory in Sverige: 5th set, 5th rubber of a final, that's pretty cool. Noah leads everyone in a Conga after the match.

Courier over Safin, April 1998 in Stone Mtn. 5 set, mostly uphill for Jim.

Would loved to have seen some of the great battles involving Borg, Hoad, Rosewall, Trabert, Seixas, Pietrangeli, Nastase, Ashe, Smith, Tiriac, Gorman, Newcombe, Laver et al.

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